…How well disposed would you have to become to yourself and to life to crave nothing more fervently than this ultimate eternal confirmation and seal?

- The Thought of Eternal Return, from Friedrich Nietzsche’s The Gay Science

College has taught me so much


drew some znts!!!! im really liking it so far!!!

Anonymous whispered: one day you should just buy like a hundred pounds of rice and be like "WE WON THE LOTTERY!"


dipping your hands in a huge bag of freshly bought jasmine rice feels like heaven. i always play with it before i put it away even though i am a god damned adult. don’t deny your asian blood. feel the jasmine rice falling through your fingers. it is a religious experience. that’s what being rich feels like!


my asian mother measures finances based on how much rice you have, regardless of how much money you actually have. for example, when she wants to go shopping, she will ask me how much money she has. this is because i manage the books and i can usually tell her how much spending money she has at any given moment. if for some reason i say “i don’t know”, her next question is always “do we have rice”. this is because there’s an old saying in our custom that if you don’t have rice, you are fucking poor. it has a double meaning that no matter how bad things get for you- if you have rice, you’ll be okay. so if we have rice, she’ll say “okay, were still good”, and if we dont have any rice she’ll say “oh shit. we are fucking poor.”


Gotta draw all dmmd baes


We all like to talk about that “Running like Naruto" phase that all dorky weaboo kids go trough, but what we don not talk enough about is the later “Sitting and eating like L" phase that all dorky weaboo teenagers go trough

when im sad i like to think about my first komaeda


★★★★ Come take a look! ★★★

Hey everyone!!!

Thank you for waiting! Sorry for taking forever to set up! My shop is here, as promised!

I’ve stocked it full of everything I had available at AX (complete with HD photos hahha), I hope you’ll check it out! For general questions and concerns, you can always reach me through the contact form in my shop or here on tumblr through fanmail/my askbox.

Also: Everything is 15% off this week! No code needed, my treat. :-)

Thanks for looking! I’ll be tagging all future shop-related updates with #diamagnet-shop.